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Massage therapist treating a client.


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I have enjoyed working in this wonderful profession for the last 25 years and I am honored to continue to expand my business with your interest. Massage therapy, for those who have yet to experience its benefits, can be life changing for the body, mind, and spirit. Physical discomfort and pain can often be eliminated or greatly reduced through therapeutic massage.

Other benefits of massage therapy include increased circulation, and flexibility, as well as decreased anxiety and depression.

Massage therapy is an art form to me. Each session is different yet consistent. The many modalities I have learned over the years allows me to be creative in my approach to healing. My strong and vibrant body-work has lead many injured athletes to the road of recovery more quickly. Receiving regular massage is also a successful way to help prevent injuries such as muscle strains and pulls.

Being an exceptional massage therapist is a gift. So please join my practice and find out for yourself what Maggie French’s massage is all about.