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Maggie's greatest gift and joy is to work technically and creatively with her clients. Her soul is expressed through her hands as she gathers healing knowledge that continues to refine her expertise.

Maggie has been a dedicated massage therapist for more than 30 years. She graduated form The Connecticut School of Massage Therapy at Newington, CT in 1992. She also has a bachelor's degree in Economics from UCONN. Her continued massage education has included certificates in the studies of Reiki, Lymphatic drainage, Ortho-bionomy, and Myofascial release. 



It has been my dream since starting my education in massage and acupuncture to help guide others in connecting to their bodies, to elicit a sense of healing and well being. Since beginning my practice, I have witnessed the profound effects of massage therapy and acupuncture, both physically and emotionally. Not only do these therapies help to heal and prevent injuries, they induce a state of calm connection between mind and body, bringing an awareness that leads to the balance and harmony of both. I am a registered nurse with training in yoga and reiki as well rounding out a fully integrative practice. I love what I do and I think my clients feel that. The merging of skill and compassion is what I wish to convey in every session.


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